01 - Community Projects - Sat 25th July, 2009 - 9:00am

Whiteboard Community Projects

Facilitators - Gail Robinson,  Bettina Nissen, Lilli

Useful terms
Community Capacity Building
Social Capital
Community Cultural Development
CALD - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
ATSI - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
Different ways of viewing capital and worth includes social and identity capital.
Social inclusion policies and practice.

Australian Storytelling Groups

Storytelling Guilds

Recent Posts

Sydney International Storytelling Conference PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS  Friday June 6 2014 

2 different Masterclasses are being offered by Diane Ferlatte, International award-winning Storyteller. Diane is a master of the oral tradition using expression, gesture, and intense emotion, to create multiple characters for each story. Through stories, songs, American Sign Language, humour and audience participation, she brings her tales to life.
Come and learn from a master and develop your storytelling skills.

Friday June 6th 9am-12.pm Try It! You Might Like It

Inspecting Posting New Items process as part of site upgrade

Generally speaking I find the process of adding a new item quite easy but I'm not sure if other people do. So I've decided to make regular blog entries as part of this process.

Last night and tonight I've been exploring the Creative Outreach project themes and attempting to work out if they are easier or better than the process on this site. So far I'm not sure.

Can post video on Creative Outreach which I don't think can be yet achieved on this site.

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