Sydney International Storytelling Conference PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS  Friday June 6 2014 

2 different Masterclasses are being offered by Diane Ferlatte, International award-winning Storyteller. Diane is a master of the oral tradition using expression, gesture, and intense emotion, to create multiple characters for each story. Through stories, songs, American Sign Language, humour and audience participation, she brings her tales to life.
Come and learn from a master and develop your storytelling skills.

Friday June 6th Try It! You Might Like It
This workshop will encourage story lovers to think outside the box, to think about and be open to using non-story resources in their storytelling. Resources for tellers are not just limited to stories. Oral literature consists of many useful ingredients to frame, enhance, and color ones stories. We will discuss and play with using rhymes, chants, poems, proverbs, riddles, superstitions, rhythms and songs to season and garnish our storytelling. Come with or without a few of your own but come ready to work and to play.

Friday June 6th 1pm-4pm What a Character!
Every story needs a character or characters. In this workshop we will look at narration verses dialogue, (what the characters have to say). We will discuss ways of developing characters in our stories. How can the teller can best express the wicked witch, the wise old man, the trickster, the king or the peasant, the monkey or the spider to best enable the listener to visualise each? What behaviours, character traits, and mannerisms are appropriate and most effective for various types of characters? We will look at different character types from the inside out.

There are significant discounts if you are attending the Weaving Stories Together- Sydney International Storytelling Conference
FEES Do one or both masterclass workshops