Collected References From Discussion List

This is a collection of references and bits of info that I've been compiling from the email list. It's just cut and paste and could do with someone cleaning it up. Please let me know if you're interested.


Remember When... How to unlock your life story by John Hockney. Citrus Press, 2005. ISBN 0 9751023 4 6.


This is the link to the life-long learning model, I spoke about at the
Sydney gathering


Here is a link to tips on how to design a good logo. I don't know the
author but he seems to be talking sense.
And here is a link to a gallery of good logo designs that might be


I've just been loving Jenny Hill's link
and from this I followed to the MOTH link


International heritage protection
Details: online ( ) or


ion?page=Homepage&as=73526> &as=73526 


Thoughts  on storytelling and branding by Michael Margolis
July-Aug 09


Article on children as developing storytellers:


The ladybird papers (headlong into the world of the small child)


Bibliotherapy for the Idle Parent (what to read to your children):


Memory maps: Image, place, story (through the Victoria & Albert Museum, UK):


American treasures of the Library of Congress:


Memory maps, Melbourne in 1920s and 1930s.:


And why not: 'Wuthering Expectations: An amateur reads 19th century


Meg's article, 'The art of storytelling: a teacher's perspective', for
'practically primary' has been published here:
ALEA June edition of Practically Primary available online at:


> Artist Promo Kits

> Red Chair's new Artist Promotional Kits include everything you need to
> present yourself professionally to venues, booking agents, festivals
> and promoters.
> Customised to reflect everything that is quintessentially you, Red
> Chair's skilled marketing professionals will work with you to create
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> A standard kit contains -
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My friend who looks after the Fiction Focus blog has sent me this URL
which lovers of fairytales may be interested in:


In the meantime thought I would send the little article on Taffy Thomas : Storyteller Laureate (UK) 


Here are two links you might like to look at and 


CASC [Canadian Association of Storytellers for Children] : Planning our
first festival which will be held in June 2010. We're starting small
with just a weekend event and we'll see how we go from there. Our
website is


The Finch Memoir Prize
dID=164&> . 


Jackie B.
Story Lovers World


This is really worth checking out if u haven't already as there is
great info on the tellers, great photos (except for Hugh Lupton) but
if you go to Hugh's website there is great inspiring article for a show
he did for BBC on storytelling..Jenni


Storytelling in Marrakesh (BBC Radio doco):


StoryCorps project (Listening is an act of love):


Below is a link to you segment as filmed by Ed Fest TV for your
reference - hope you enjoy it


Been listening to ABC and BBC programs tonight via radio. Found this
link that some of you may know. I haven't delved in detail but the
storyteller & singer in me are going 'goody' - a song & a tale:


check out this amazing video on papercut animation fr NZ bk council:


Before I recieve my steady stream of visitors, here's a website worth
Free delivery of books worldwide.
For people in Queensland who had George MacPherson, his latest book is there Aus $9.71 only. Also heaps of free e-books for u to download.


The Neighborhood Bridges Model
Zipes, Jack. 2004. Speaking out: storytelling and creative drama for
children. New York: Routledge.
Zipes, Jack. 1995. Creative Storytelling: Building Community/Changing
Lives. New York: Routledge.
Both easily available at


The Drama Work
Downloadable PDFs of strategies similar to what was demonstrated are available at:
Kelin, Daniel A., II.  2009.  In Their Own Words: Drama with Young
English Language Learners, Charlottesville, VA: New Plays, Inc.
Available at:


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They also have storytelling
Address is
      Unit 2, 1-3 Lawry Place
      Macquarie, ACT 2614tel 02 6251 5191
            fax 02 6251 5536
            Tues-Fri 10-5.30pm;  Sat 10-5pm

The two main text books are fantastic and if you ever want to use
storytelling in a classroom, especially great is (though expensive): Hamilton and Weiss "Children Tell Stories: Teaching and Using Storytelling in the Classroom"; Richard C Owen Publishers, NY, 2005.
In the 2nd text "The Power of Story" by Collins and Cooper, Waveland,
Illinois, 2005